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When we needed to switch our newborn to formula, my wife and I spent time investigating the options.The focus on brain nutrients made us stop and think. Are our older kids getting what they need? With the help of experts, we realized that while kids brains are still growing fast, most are not... Read More

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$5 Off Daily Brainpack Gummies

Get $5 Off Daily Brainpack Gummies at Brainiac Foods
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Get Brainpack Vitamins For $25

Get Brainpack Vitamins For $25 at Brainiac Foods
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Nut Butters Starting From $29.99

Get Nut Butters Starting From $29.99 at Brainiac Foods
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Fruit & Veggie Squeezies Starting From $19.99

Get Fruit & Veggie Squeezies Starting From $19.99 at Brainiac Foods
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