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We love walking barefoot - the most natural and beautiful way of locomotion. That's why we have made it our mission to make this special feeling tangible for everyone at all times. The heart of our shoes is the minimalistic True Sense® sole, that guarantees a sensitive walking experience. It... Read More

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10% Off Full Price Collection

Enjoy 10% Off Full Price Collection At Groundies
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Up To 50% Off Women’s Barefoot Shoes Collection

Enjoy Up To 50% Off Women's Barefoot Shoes Collection At Groundies
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Up To 50% Of Men’s Barefoot Collection

Enjoy Up To 50% Of Men's Barefoot Collection At Groundies
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Free Shipping To Most Countries at Groundies

Enjoy Free Shipping To Most Countries At Groundies
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14-Day Trial Guarantee

Get 14-Day Trial Guarantee At Groundies.
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